Elite Corps

Wellcome to the BZ:EC MOD site.
The Elite Corps is a single player modification for the Battlezone 1 - the best game ever made.
There is a list of the main features:

- 8 new models:
NSDF Aircraft Carrier "Vortex"
NSDF Air Fighter "Hawk"
NSDF Air Bomber "Phantom"
NSDF Heavy Tank "Bulldog"
CCA Aircraft Carrier "Typhoon"
CCA Air Fighter "Foxbat"
CCA Air Bomber "Invader"
CCA Heavy Tank "Mammoth"

- 2 new planets - Mercury and Triton

- NSDF and CCA campaign

- new weapons, more powerful flash gun

- rocket tanks, CCA light tank and NSDF walker carry more suitable weapons

- improved AI

Picture of the Month:

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